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European tour companies

Ever wanted to travel Europe? Well tours are a great way to do so, with so many countries in such close proximity to each other, you can see so much in such a small amount of time. They are a great way to meet new people, see the best sights and learn interesting history along the way.


To save you looking all across the web to decide which one to choose, I’m going to give you a few ideas of the best tour companies available and what they’re all about.

Contiki This company is world famous for a reason. It’s known for its party atmosphere and is great for young travellers. With a huge assortment of tours ranging from a few days to a few months, Contiki has you sorted. You get free time at every city and the tour guides take you to/explain where to visit during the day and where to play at night. The optional extra’s are great, with some a bit pricey but IMG_6419they’re not compulsory.

Top Deck is another company specialising in the same area as Contiki. One thing to remember though is these tours are very rushed and fit a lot into the schedule.

Busabout – Is for the more independent traveller. As a ‘hop on hop off’ tour rather then a planned out guided tour, you have more freedom. You can plan your itinerary then start at any of the major European cities, with scheduled bus services between cities every two days IMG_7405between May and October. You can meet likeminded travellers on the way and get great advice and knowledge from them and the tour guides. One fault is that if you decide you want to stay somewhere for longer and want to change a bus trip, it can be very hard to get a seat on another bus, especially during peak season. It also ruins the schedule for the rest of your bus trips.

G AdventuresIMG_7095 This tour company is a better option for people who are not keen on travelling in huge groups. The average group numbers are around 10 people and the maximum around 16. They use public and unique forms of transport to get around, stay in unique accommodation and provide free time as well as included must-see highlights. The website provides information on the types of tours they are, for example an active tour for outdoor adventurers or a YOLO tour which is dedicated to the 18-30’s age group.

I would highly recommend one of these tours, IMG_7766especially if you’re a solo traveller.

Please comment you’re experiences or any of your recommendations or suggestions of tours. Would be really great to hear some feedback and input from other travellers.




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