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Indigenous Australians Proved as First Humans That Could Have Met Aliens

One thing that bugs me about peoples perception of Australia is that they think Australia is a ‘new country’ with no culture. People think that just because we don’t have man-made buildings like the Colosseum that date back thousands of years, that means we don’t have a rich and authentic history. White Australians may not, but the Indigenous Australians (Aboriginals) have the longest story of survival in the world.

Read anything, anywhere about the start of the human species and it will say we started our species in Africa around 200,000 years ago, before migrating around the globe. But objects found in the north-west of Australia suggest human life could have dated back here as far as 174,000 B.C. This completely throws off the idea that Aboriginals came to Australia over land bridges from Africa about 60,000 years ago. Then does this mean that the whole Homo sapien sapiens species was created on this continent!?

Two researches claimed that all humans can be traced back to one woman who lived about 200,000 years ago and whilst they believe it must have been in Africa, they later retracted that statement and repositioned Australia as our birthplace. For all the specific research and findings, read about it on

The Aboriginal people may have even been the first of our speciesWandjinas-extraterrestrials to meet aliens describes ! The Wandjina’s region in the Kimberley area in north-western Australia is known for having ancient rock paintings that date back over 50,000 years. These rock and cave paintings are the oldest known figurative art collections in the world and all represent Wandjina people as alien-like figures. They always have white faces, with no mouth, large black eyes and ‘up-side-down teardrop’ shaped heads with a halo around it (pictured). Considering Aboriginals are dark skinned, this discovery is unusual. Some say they could be representations of owls or white humans they may have come in contact with (although very unlikely), but others say it could represent extra terrestrial beings that came to earth and whom they had contact with tens of thousands of years ago.

“Some believe that the extraterrestrials even played a direct role in creation, which is reflected not only in the Dreamtime stories of the Aboriginals but also the myths and legends of many ancient civilizations around the world,” the article on shares.

Aboriginal Dreamtime stories that have been passed down through generations Wandjinas-extraterrestrials-2.jpgdescribe the Wandjinas as ‘sky-beings’ who came down from the Milky Way during Dreamtime to create earth and all its inhabitants. The Wandjinas needed more help so they then returned to their home to bring more. So, effectively, they became ‘gods’ from above. Like ‘gods’, this is a very respected part of their law and culture, and the Aboriginals believed the Wandjinas would punish any who broke the Aboriginal law by ways of flooding, storms and cyclones.

Many Dreamtime stories are considered mythical, although some stories such as those of giant mammals that used to roam the earth have recently been proven true. Discoveries of mega fauna fossils means these stories truly have been passed down over thousands of years. So maybe, these ancient stories of aliens, which are so important to the Aboriginal culture are true too?

“So many myths and legends of the past have already been proven true by archaeological findings, such as the legend of the city of Troy, the labyrinth of the Minotaur, Norse legends of navigational crystals and many more.  Could it not be that the Aboriginal people of the time were simply telling of events as they saw them and how they understood them at the time?” – Ancient Origins.

Australian tourism has caught onto the importance of this Aboriginal heritage and the new tourism campaigns are showcasing special Indigenous cultural experiences.

Check out the video!



So if that isn’t enough to convince you we have some pretty amazing history, then I don’t know what is.

British invaders arriving had horrific consequences for the Aboriginal population as the British stole land, brought disease which killed many and they raped and murdered many more. As a result of western influence, this unique civilisation has almost been wiped out completely after hundreds of thousands of years of survival. This is even more reason to learn about it and appreciate it now while we still can! We can not change the past, but we can mould the future of Australian tourism.

Come to Australia! See our beautiful beaches and cities, but also experience our Aboriginal cultural sites, our rural farms and beautiful natural landscapes in the heart of the country. There, you will witness the real Australia.



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