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TWT photoMy name is Caitlyn Leggett and I am a 26 year old adventure crazed Melburnian currently living in London.

Bitten by the travel bug, I yearn to see every corner of this beautiful world and wish to document it as I go. I love nothing more than experiencing new cultures, marvelling at natural wonders and learning about world history.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Journalism in 2016 whilst traveling part time and undergoing part of my degree abroad when I studied in New Jersey, USA in 2014.

After finding it difficult to find the perfect writing job for me, I sought a career focusing on my main passion and I am now a travel agent.

Not only am I a traveler myself, but I believe working in the travel industry has given me a whole other insight into this crazy, ever-changing world.


Mondello, Italy

Traveling has always been a part of my life. I took my first ever plane ride when I was only a few months old and embarked on an around-the-world trip for a whole year when I was just 3 years old… Okay so I wasn’t a baby genius nabbing flights with my frequent flyer miles, I may have my parents to thank for that one. Having parents who loved to travel definitely sparked my love and passion for it as well.

Where have I been?

I have been to 71 countries across 6 continents including most of Europe, South East Asia, South & North America and my home; Australia. I have only been to Egypt and Morocco on the African continent, so I definitely need to explore more of that soon!

Last overseas place visited:
Bulgaria – March 2020

Whats next for me?
I had planned to visit Austria, The Netherlands, Malta, Norway, Greece, Turkey, Albania, Hungary and Portugal before I am due to fly home in September as my visa in the UK is over, but thanks to COVID-19 I don’t think any of that will be happening.

Follow my Twitter: @caitlynjleggett
or Facebook here.

Please send all inquiries via email to thewanderlusttimes@gmail.com

I hope you like my blog and I somewhat inspire you to be bitten by the travel bug too.

Caitlyn x

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