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How to save for travel & during travel – backpacker style

The number one reason people say they don’t travel is because it’s ‘too expensive’. I am the biggest advocate for the ‘cheap’ holiday and for simple ways to save those extra bucks. I’m here to put things in perspective, and once you put these easy, every day methods into your everyday life, you’ll be out of the country before you can say ‘bon voyage’. Advertisements

Top 5 FREE things to do in any city

Everyone says that traveling is expensive. And yes, it can be. BUT, if you’re smart about it, it can also be very inexpensive. There will always be free things to do in any part of the world. For example, probably the most photographed and visited place in the world is free. The Eiffel Tower. It’s not free to go up, but it certainly is free to look at from any other angle of the city. Here’s just some standard ideas on what most cities will provide for free.

Tulum, Mexico – why it’s a must see!

Tulum is one of those places that has it all. It’s a cute little town filled with unique shops and restaurants, surrounded by ancient ruins, a number of cenotes and many beautiful beaches. Visiting Mexico and heading to Cancun or Playa del Carmen? Tulum is an easy and cheap bus ride away and gives you a completely different atmosphere. Relaxed, beautiful and culturally significant, here is why every backpacker should head here.

Why the Canadian Rockies should be on your bucket list

Canada might just be the most naturally beautiful country I have ever been to. With the friendliest people, an abundance of animals and outdoor activities for any season, you could never be bored. I could probably just insert a heap of pictures on this post and that would be enough to get you logged onto Expedia to book the next flight over, but I thought I should share some personal thoughts on the land of the maple syrup and grizzly bears.

My secret to the cheapest flights

Wanna know a secret to cheap flights? is probably the best website I have found that provides cheap flight options from almost every flight company around the globe. It is easy to use and combines not only different airlines, but sources from other travel agencies such as Flight Centre and STA Travel as well as other budget flight sites such as Skiddoo, and eDreams.

Budget student travel Twitter list

Twitter is fast becoming an everyday tool for receiving important information. This doesn’t stop at travel information. Many travel bloggers take to Twitter to share links to their blog posts or post short tips, tricks and handy hints. As well as bloggers, you can find travel companies releasing holiday package deals, competitions to win holidays and handy travelling tips.

Bartering in South-East Asia

Travelling in Asia is a great way to experience new cultures, exotic foods, amazing scenery and beautiful people. Not only are they great attributes for a holiday destination, but they can be very cheap. Bartering is the norm and can get you great products at great prices, but new travelers may get tricked. Here’s a few things to remember when it comes to bartering.