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20 Places to Travel in your 20’s

Traveling when your any age changes you, but there’s certain places you just have to experience when your young to get a completely unique experience. Find out 20 of the best places to visit in your twenties.


Top 5 places to view the Golden Gate Bridge

It’s the most iconic thing to see in San Fransisco, and for a reason. The Golden Gate Bridge is simply breathtaking and something I spent almost a full day staring at, riding on and searching near and far to find the best viewpoint. You can see the Bridge from many places across San Fransisco, but to save you running around the whole city, I thought I would share my favorite spots with you.

Why I won’t be racing back to L.A

L.A. One of the most tourist driven places in the world. This year I went on my second trip to the city of angels, the first being in 2009 and I can honestly say, twice is more than enough. The celebrity capital of the world is filled with tourists, is smoggy, dirty and filled with some of the rudest people I have ever encountered. But here’s a more detailed list of why I think it’s very overrated.