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A Beginners Guide to Hiking Torres del Paine (W Trek)

If your after an adventure hike surrounded by jagged snow capped peaks, giant glaciers and bright blue lakes then TdP is for you! Here is all you will need to know to book, hike and enjoy!


Top 5 places to view the Golden Gate Bridge

It’s the most iconic thing to see in San Fransisco, and for a reason. The Golden Gate Bridge is simply breathtaking and something I spent almost a full day staring at, riding on and searching near and far to find the best viewpoint. You can see the Bridge from many places across San Fransisco, but to save you running around the whole city, I thought I would share my favorite spots with you.

Bartering in South-East Asia

Travelling in Asia is a great way to experience new cultures, exotic foods, amazing scenery and beautiful people. Not only are they great attributes for a holiday destination, but they can be very cheap. Bartering is the norm and can get you great products at great prices, but new travelers may get tricked. Here’s a few things to remember when it comes to bartering.