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Top 5 places to view the Golden Gate Bridge

It’s the most iconic thing to see in San Fransisco, and for a reason. The Golden Gate Bridge is simply breathtaking and something I spent almost a full day staring at, riding on and searching near and far to find the best viewpoint. You can see the Bridge from many places across San Fransisco, but to save you running around the whole city, I thought I would share my favorite spots with you.

5. Lands End Park

Maybe a little further away than most view points that would generally be considered, but this beautiful park is a great place to relax. Just as the name suggests; its the end of the land. Look to your left and see right over the Pacific Ocean, watching the ships come in and making their way into the harbor. Overlook the beautiful Marin Headlands right in front of you and then see the bridge to the right. A nice spot for a stroll or a swim at China Beach right next door.

4. On the bridge itself


You can’t leave San Fran without riding or driving over the famous bridge. With spectacular views of the red marvel above you and panoramic views of the city and bay, it was an easy highlight of my USA trip. But be prepared, even in summer it can get a little cold with the  wind chill. They say Chicago is the windy city… I think they need to re-think that decision.

3. Fort Point


Get a real feel for the grand stature that this landmark is from right underneath it. A completely different angle than any other, and with some history of it’s own, Fort Point is a great place to stop. Walking or riding the path leading up to it along the bay in Crissy Field Park provides many opportunities for breathtaking photos.

2. Crissy Field Park Lookout


Take the track up the hill before you hit Fort Point and you’ll find this beautiful lookout. One of the more popular ones, it’s easy to see why. Stunning views.

1. Marin Headlands – Battery Spencer


Ever seen something so beautiful, you just couldn’t help but stare? Well this view was it for me. I could have sat there all day, watching the bridge, the city sitting behind it and boats sailing and cruising around the bay.
Directions: It was difficult to get to by bike, but very rewarding. To get there, ride over the bridge and make sure to check out the views on the east side of the bridge at Vista Point. Next you will need to carry the bike down some stairs to walk underneath the bridge and pop out on the other side. It was a steep hill climb up out of the car park and left onto Conzelman Road after that and I’m going to be honest, I walked my bike most of the way. I got to Battery Spencer lookout, the closest one to the bridge. Many told me that the views further around the Headlands were just as stunning, but it would have been a bit of a hike on my two wheels. If you have four wheels however, I would highly recommend it.

The one risky thing about San Fransisco is that it is very often covered in low cloud and the bridge can sometimes be hard to see.. even if you’re standing on it. Whilst there’s not too much you can do if you get there a bad day, I would highly recommend a long stay in the beautiful city and planning your schedule around the weather to make sure you can see the bridge in all it’s glory. This is definitely a landmark you don’t wanna miss!

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