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New York City – 10/10 City Guide

The big apple. The city that never sleeps. The concrete jungle. New York, New York. My favourite city in the world, and probably one of the hardest to see in just a day. But if you’re pressed for time or just want an easy guide on the best 10 things to see, here I have tried to provide 10 things to see in about 10 hours, so “10/10” that are also 10/10 in value. Get yourself a Metrocard and some walking shoes and get set for a busy day to check out these must-see parts of the city. Although if you have the time, stay as long as you possibly can!

Discovering Miami

Miami was my next stop on my adventures around the US of A. It was everything I could have wanted and more. After months in the cold of New Jersey, New York, Boston and Chicago, it felt amazing to step out into the heat. If you’re a party animal and love the beach (my two favorite things) then Miami is the perfect place. The beaches were better than most in California and the partying could rival that of Vegas. And with year round hot weather, I couldn’t think of a more perfect place in ‘murica’.

Chicago, Illinois

On December 16th I left my college behind and ventured on to ‘the windy city’. I’m going to be honest, I didn’t know much about Chicago, just that it was the third largest city in the US and that the famous ‘bean’ was there. But sometimes going to a place with little or no expectations means you enjoy it just that bit more. Filled with a lot of gangster history, some of the first skyscrapers in the world and a love for jazz music, this city has something for everyone. I loved exploring this city and all it has to offer.

Boston – Thanksgiving break

Boston was a bit of a shock for me in a lot of ways. The city is filled with so much history, being the first major American city colonized by the British, and oozes style and charm. Over Thanksgiving break, I took a trip there with five other girls from Australia and the UK I met whilst studying at TCNJ. The city in itself was beautiful to walk around and we learned so much history along the way.

Christmas special – New York City

One of the most magical places on earth for Christmas is undoubtedly the big apple. I fell in love with the city even more when I witnessed it during the holidays. The city comes alive with decorations, music and ample amounts of joy from early December until sometime in January. Unfortunately a lot of other people think this too, which can mean accommodation prices jump, people are everywhere and attractions are crowded. But still 100% worth it…

Tulum, Mexico – why it’s a must see!

Tulum is one of those places that has it all. It’s a cute little town filled with unique shops and restaurants, surrounded by ancient ruins, a number of cenotes and many beautiful beaches. Visiting Mexico and heading to Cancun or Playa del Carmen? Tulum is an easy and cheap bus ride away and gives you a completely different atmosphere. Relaxed, beautiful and culturally significant, here is why every backpacker should head here.

Why the Canadian Rockies should be on your bucket list

Canada might just be the most naturally beautiful country I have ever been to. With the friendliest people, an abundance of animals and outdoor activities for any season, you could never be bored. I could probably just insert a heap of pictures on this post and that would be enough to get you logged onto Expedia to book the next flight over, but I thought I should share some personal thoughts on the land of the maple syrup and grizzly bears.