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New Year, New Adventures

Well I welcomed in the New Year in New York, which has always been a dream of mine! I didn’t watch the ball drop, which had always been on my bucket list, but there’s many reasons why. Having lived in New Jersey for the semester, everyone warned me against it. Standing in the cold for hours, not being able to leave (even for the bathroom) or you loose your spot, below freezing temperatures etc. Not what I had in mind. My 2014 has been filled with many adventures and 2015 is only going to bring me more.

I will travel across four continents and numerous countries and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Firstly, I am continuing my trek across the USA. After my excellent New Years Eve in New York City, I flew to Miami and am currently really enjoying the hot weather, the beach and the amazing party atmosphere. But I’ll explain all of that in a post soon.

Next I fly to New Orleans for four nights and then a stop in Hawaii on the way back to Australia. I have been to the island of Oahu before so I’m hoping to do something different. Any suggestions would be great!

After Hawaii I arrive back in Australia, but not straight home to Melbourne. First I stop in Brisbane for a few nights, then onto the Gold Coast and Airlie Beach for Australia Day (one of my favorite days of the year). I eventually arrive home to Melbourne on the 2nd of February.

Home for two months, I will be working a lot to save up for my European trip. I leave for this holiday in late March and embark on a 32 day cruise to start it off. This cruise leaves Perth, Australia and en route to Italy, first stops in Sri Lanka, Egypt, Greece (including some of the Greek Islands) and Turkey. I will be on this cruise with my family and it is a cruise to mark the 100th year anniversary of the ANZACs. The Australian and New Zealand Army Corps was a First World War army corps that fought in the Battle of Gallipoli and my dad is a lover of all things history and war, so we have had this planned for years.

After the cruise, we will make our way from Rome, Italy to London, UK with a time frame of about two weeks. We will be stopping at many spots along the way but not much is planned as of yet.

Once my family leaves me in London, I plan to travel through the rest of the UK and Ireland, head to Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Croatia, Hungary, Czech Republic and Belgium. Again, nothing is set in stone just yet, but hoping to see those the most.

I plan to do a Sail Croatia and hopefully a Contiki tour around Spain, Portugal and Morocco. I will have to see how the piggy bank is holding up, though.

Another expensive one will be Tomorrowland in late July in Belgium. That would be the finale of the trip, but also a very expensive finale.

Also another maybe for 2015 is Thailand for an end of year celebration. Ever since my first trip to Thailand in 2012, I have wanted to go back and I’m hoping I get that opportunity.

Well that’s my update for my 2015 plans and can’t wait to take this blog and any of you reading along for the ride.

Please if you have any recommendations or advice for the places I am visiting, or want me to check something out, comment below.

Happy Travels!

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