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American vs Australian slang

We may both speak English, but sometimes they seem worlds apart. Are you an Aussie heading to the US, or an American wanting to head down under? Well here’s some slang you might want to remember.

On my time spent in the US, I noticed the local Americans weren’t too good at understanding anyone with an accent. Say ‘toMARto’ instead of ‘toMAEto’ or ‘watAH’ instead of ‘waTER’ and they would stare at me having no clue what I just said.

Then there were the slang words. Us Aussies have some pretty funny words that’s for sure and even though it’s easy enough to understand without knowing them, it’s definitely more fun if you do. It can even save you from sounding strange (don’t even think about asking for the ‘toilet’ when you’re in America). So here are some I found interesting.

American • Australian
Hello • G’Day
Bye • Hooroo
Friend • Mate
(Do you) think? • (Do ya) recon?
Flip flops • Thongs
Beer • Stubby
College/school • University/uni
Bathroom • Toilet
Trash can • Rubbish Bin
Peppers • Capsicum
Toilet • Dunny
Guy • Bloke
Woman • Sheila
Pickup truck • Ute
Liquor Store • Bottle-O
McDonalds • Maccas
Dinner • Tea
Afternoon • Arvo
Mosquito • Mozzie
Sunglasses • Sunnies
Sunbathe • Sunbake
Sandwich • Sanga
Weed wacker • Whipper snipper
Hood (Car) • Bonnet
Trunk (Car) • Boot
Trolley • Tram
Shopping cart • Shopping trolley
Gas • Petrol
Gas Station • Servo (Service Station)
Chug • Skull
Sneakers • Runners
Sweater • Jumper
Blouse • Shirt
Pizza pie • Pizza (a pie is a meat filled pastry)
Cup of tea/coffee • Cuppa
Pacifier • Dummy
Crib • Cot
Ambulance • Ambo
Leave • Bail
Barbeque • Barbie
Shrimp • Prawns
Root for (team) • Go for/Barrack for
Swimmers • Bathers/Togs
Biscuit • Scone
Cookie • Biscuit
Fries • Chips
Chips • Potato Chips/crisps
You’re welcome • No worries
Very true • Bloody oath
Fly • Blowie
Middle of nowhere • Whoop whoop
Tradesman • Tradie
Breakfast • Brekkie
It died • Carked it
Chicken • Chook
Christmas • Chrissie
Complain • Winge
Silly person • Dill
Dork • Dag
Missing •Gone walkabout
Cigarette • Dart/Durry/Cig
Cotton candy • Fairy floss
Candy • Lollies
Relative • Relo
Afternoon break • Smoko
Angry • Spewin
Happy/pleased • Stoked
Small boat • Tinny
Beer (in a can) • Tinny
Guido • Wog
Hick • Yobbo

So as you can see (and this isn’t all of them), there really is a bit of a gap in our languages apart from the accent. Some of the words are pretty simple, Aussies love to just shorten words and add an ‘o’ on the end. But some are crazy to think of if you have never been to the opposite country.

Hope you found this interesting and let me know any slang you have heard that you think is interesting.

Happy travels!

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