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Top 5 Post-graduation Vacations That Will Cost Less Than Moving Out

Senior year of college comes around fast and after 16 years of full time study; a well-earned vacation isn’t a bad idea. Because lets face it, once you start excelling in your career, your next big break might not be until retirement.

If you were fortunate enough to be given a generous graduation gift or have been saving money since your first job at Walmart, then here are some locations to travel where every dollar gets you more.

5. Bolivia

Photo courtesy of Huffington Post

It’s South America’s cheapest destination right now with accommodation starting at $5 a night and food for even less. It’s wildlife and beautiful landscapes are cherished as it sits on the Amazon rainforest, hosts the Atacama desert and has part of the Andes mountains within its borders. Highlights include the famous Salar de Uyuni salt flat (pictured) and the historic city of La Paz, sitting at an elevation of 12,000 feet. Knowing basic Spanish will help here.

4. India


Photo courtesy of Touch Travel

Lonely Planet says that in parts of India you can live for about $20 a day, but don’t expect to fork out much more if you prefer a bit more luxury. The famous Taj Mahal resides here along with cities such as Mumbai – where you can find Bollywood -, New Delhi and beach side heaven in the state of Goa (pictured). With delicious food, a lively and colourful culture and cheap efficient transport, what’s not to love?

3. Eastern Europe


The most popular destinations in Europe are very expensive, but countries such as Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Czech Republic are proving quite the opposite. Prague (pictured) and Budapest were ranked 6th & 7th best party cities in Europe by dreameurotrip.com and these two cities are also remarkably stunning. Prague may just be my favourite city in all of Europe.

2. Nicaragua


Photo courtesy of Laura Madrid

Nicaragua is another destination where you can live on $20 a day. It’s volcanoes, Caribbean beaches and rainforests are stunning and close neighbours Guatemala and Honduras are just as cheap. Neighbouring Costa Rica has now become more expensive due to rising tourism but it has the benefit of service from budget airlines like Spirit and JetBlue.

1. Southeast Asia


With lovely people, delicious food, stunning beaches, great nightlife and beautiful temples and scenery throughout, Southeast Asia had to be number one. In Cambodia and northern Thailand you can pay as little as $3 a night at a hostel and even in the major tourist city of Phuket you can find $8 beds. Eat at street vendors for as little as $1 and take cheap public transport between destinations. Bali and the surrounding islands (pictured) is another popular destination, but expensive when compared to the rest of Indonesia. The locals generally speak English and they are safe places to travel. Whilst flights from the US can be a bit more expensive, if you plan to take a long vacation, it is definitely worth it.

These prices are for people willing to stay at cheap hostels and eat local food, but by doing this I believe you get the best experience. Avoid paying thousands for luxury resorts, living like you would at home and experience the real culture.

Have you been on a long vacation after college? Where did you go? Tell me all about it in the comments below.


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