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How To Protect Your Hair Whilst Traveling

Traveling can really take a toll on your hair. New climates, humidity, extreme dry heat, salt water, dirt, sand and everything in between can affect the feel and overall health of your hair.

I know this from experience, unfortunately, when I had to chop half of my hair off because it became so badly damaged. Listen up bleach blondes especially, as your hair is probably the hardest to keep healthy and shiny when abroad.

Not having all of the comforts of home or even a shop nearby that has labels in english to be able to read, I quickly learnt my lesson and want to share some tips on how to keep that mane looking’ pretty.

DON’T use the hotel shampoo and conditioners



90% of the time they are cheap and nasty and do no good for your hair. Especially stay away from the ‘conditioning shampoos’. They will strip your hair of any natural oils and leave your hair especially dry.

Rinse hair with cold water after swimming in the ocean

As awesome as that messy beach hair style looks, salt is not good for your hair. Try to rinse hair with cold water before it dries, or if thats not an option wash it as soon as you get home.

Avoid washing your hair every day

It might be tempting to wash your hair every day after spending hours on the beach and getting sand in it or after a windy day when your hair just feels yuck, but apart from rinsing your hair after swimming as I just mentioned, avoid this. Washing your hair strips all of your natural oils and replaces them with fake ones contained in your shampoos and conditioners. But natural oils are your best protectors from the harsh natural elements, so you don’t want to rid of them completely every day!

Buy an easy and quick treatment


Treatments will be a god send for your nutrient-deprived hair. Some treatments need to sit on your hair for up to an hour, but some only need one minute in the shower. Schwarzkopf have a great one that comes in a tub, not taking up too much room in your suitcase. After using your shampoo and conditioner, leave this on for just a minute in the shower and rinse for an anti-damage mask. You’ll feel the difference.

Don’t take travel sized shampoo and conditioner, unless you’re planning on packing it in your carry on luggage.

One thing a lot of people do when their packing for a holiday is run to the chemist or supermarket to buy ‘travel-sized’ beauty products. But really, unless you’re going interstate for the weekend and only allowed carry-on baggage, this is unnecessary. Not only will it be more expensive, but you’ll run out of product after two or three washes then have to buy new ones overseas. And if you don’t understand that language or aren’t familiar with that countries products, you could buy something dreadful for your hair.

Tame frizziness and dryness with oil on dry ends


If your hair gets particularly dry or frizzy in humid weather, opt for an oil to tame those fly aways and add moisture to split ends. The ones pictured are some of the best, my favourite is the Moroccan oil though. Blonde’s be wary though as it is said to make blonde tones a tad yellow when it’s applied too heavily.

Always let hair dry naturally when possible

Your hair is going to be going through enough torture without the unnecessary heat from things like hair dryers and straighteners. Always try to let it dry naturally, and leave a leave-in treatment or oil to keep it wearable. Then you can splurge on a straighten or curl for the hair on a special day or night out.

Invest in a hat


They don’t just make an outfit look uber stylish, but they protect your hair from the sun and also hide your roots if you’ve been too busy to wash. Win, win, win!

Sunscreen for the hair

If hats aren’t your thing, then how abouttbd-hair-spf3 some sunscreen for your hair? The Beauty Department has recommended their faves that won’t leave your hair too greasy or dry it out. The perfect balance.

Well there you have it, some advice on hair whilst traveling from a girl who has had some bad hair days and learnt how to fix it. I hope these tips can help you avoid a hair disaster when on a holiday too.

Every hair type is different and may require new techniques, but hopefully these tips are general to most of you. Please let me know any of your favourite hair remedies when traveling, I would love to hear more!



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