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10 Things To Do On The Mornington Peninsula

There’s a reason Melburnians have flocked to this stunning location for decades and why tourism numbers are forever on the up. The charming peninsula is crowded with cute beachside towns all complete with calm beaches of white sand and crystal blue waters and cute fishing jetty’s dotted along the coastline.


Sorrento beach


Sorrento is the main holiday destination for most people, with a lot of accommodation, shopping, cute cafes, restaurants and bars. It’s also close to all of the main attractions. The best way to see it all is by car, as public transport is limited, especially in the smaller towns. A bus and train combo can get you down to Sorrento if you aren’t too keen on the drive, though.

Now that you know you can definitely get there (from Melbourne that is), here are 10 amazing things you have to do on your trip down the Mornington Peninsula.

  1. Sorrento Back Beach


    One of the favoured swimming spots on the peninsula due to its surf, soft sand and rock pools off to the right. Popular to frolic in, some rock pools are so big they are converted into natural swimming pools.

  2. The Pillars at Mt. Martha


    This not-so-secret-anymore spot is popular with youngsters, especially on hot weekends, with speed boats floating around, music blasting, alcohol and sometimes even barbecues raring. People have fallen in love with this spot, thanks to its many jumping spots and colourful water but it’s hard to find with no designated parking area or even signs. Local police have recently created no standing spots along the road where the entrance lies and they patrol the area regularly. Its tucked away along the windy, busy Esplanade road between Mount Martha and Safety Beach. Just google map ‘The Pillars Mt Martha’ and it takes you straight to it.

  3. London Bridge


    Tucked along Portsea’s back beach is this beautiful rock formation they chose to name London Bridge. You can stare at it from the lookout, or head down to the beach and explore it up close and personal. Wander inside and through the caves in search of starfish.

  4. Point Nepean


    Where the ocean meets the bay. Head to the beautiful Point Nepean National Park for a morning or afternoon walk. From the car park to the point and back again is about a 6-7km walk, or there’s a shuttle service for $10 per person.The walk is beautiful though, with many look outs along the way and even a Harold Holt memorial honouring our 17th Prime Minister who disappeared whilst swimming in the area in 1967. Fort Nepean at the point is also interesting to look at as you wander through the underground passages of the Fort that kept Port Phillip Bay safe from outsiders.

  5. Murray’s Lookout


    Get a great view of the peninsula from Murray’s Lookout, a lookout on the way up to popular attraction; Arthurs Seat. Whilst Arthurs Seat can offer great views all the way out to Melbourne on a clear day, the trees block most of the view. At Murray’s you can see all the way out to Point Nepean.

  6. Brighton Beach Bathing Boxes


    Whilst there are bathing boxes all across the peninsula, particularly in Dromana, Mornington, Blairgowrie etc. Brighton is the most famous place to see them as there is a long line of them of a variety of colours and patterns. Being relatively close to the Melbourne CBD also means they are easily accessible to tourists.

  7. Mornington town


    Mornington is the gateway to the Mornington peninsula and prides itself on that. The main street is always lively and full of market stalls, buskers and family friendly activities during the summer months and it’s a great town to shop, wander around or grab some fish and chips to eat on the beach.

  8. Dromana Beach


    Dromana has always been one of my favourite spots along the peninsula due to its peace and quiet. The town is small with the main street running right opposite the beach and its not hard to find quiet little spots to relax all along the beach.

  9. Visit a winery/brewery


    There are plenty of unique wineries and breweries to check out in the area for an afternoon away from the beach. There are also unique eateries such as high teas, strawberry farms and many more. Famous for its produce, visit the Mornington Peninsula website to find a list of all on offer in the region.

  10. Blairgowrie Jumping Rock


    Another summer hot spot for the daredevils, this famous jumping spot is crawling with teens in the summer months. A bit of a mission to get to, but beautiful rock pools to wade in once you’re there. Are you ready to take the leap of faith off Chicken Rock?

Where else do you love on the Mornington Peninsula?

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