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20 Places to Travel in your 20’s

Our twenties are a great time to travel for many reasons. We’re adventurous, curious and want to see the world and travel can be easier to save for because we can work long hours and live with parents or rent with friends to save money. Some of us don’t have major commitments like loans or families meaning we can travel for longer. We can book cheap airlines and stay in budget accommodation so our money stretches further. The perfect ingredients for a recipe for travel.

Whilst traveling at any age is brilliant, here are 20 of the best places to visit in your twenties and why.

  1. Las Vegas, USA


    For 21+ only. Because, ya know, American drinking laws. It really is a paradise for youngsters. Grab a luxurious suite with friends, head to world famous pool parties, check out some of the biggest and best clubs in the world with world renowned DJ’s and gamble while waitresses bring you free drinks. Heaven!

  2. Southeast Asia


    Backpacking Southeast Asia is the dream for most wanderlusters in their twenties, and for good reason. With Halong Bay and the lively cities of Hoi Chi Minh and Hanoi in Vietnam, the Temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia, the Phi Phi Islands in Thailand and Bali & the Gili Islands down in Indonesia, there’s no shortage of stops. And with endless rice fields, delicious food, killer nightlife spots and stunning beaches in between, you could easily spend 6 months galavanting here and actually afford it!

  3. Ibiza, Spain


    Ibiza is the Vegas of Europe, with international DJ’s also calling this place home for the summer, usually flying back and forth between the two party hot spots. But prepare for steep prices on club entry, drinks and accommodation as budget accommodation lacks here.

  4. Machu Picchu, Peru


    This 15th century abandoned city perched high up in the Andes Mountains is one of the most important archaeological sites in the world. The Inca Trail through the Sacred Valley that takes you here is valued as one of the best treks in the world and a must if you’re adventurous and up for a challenge.

  5. New York City, USA


    You could spend years in New York City and still barely scratch the surface of seeing all this concrete jungle has to offer. Its buzzing 24 hours a day, with great nightlife, amazing food options and endless shopping. Coming here in your twenties is such an eye opener, and probably the only place in the world where all the manic and panic seems like pure bliss.

  6. Germany


    Germany was actually named the worlds best place to be a young person and it’s not a surprising title. Its grungy, distinct club scene is unlike anywhere else on the planet, with bizarrely themed bars and world famous techno meccas like Berghain and Tresor. Germany also hosts every beer lovers dream festival; Oktoberfest. It’s also full of history, beautiful architecture and princess-worthy castles… but mostly drinking.

  7. Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico


    Cancun for spring break anyone? The whole Yucatan Peninsula is sprawling with fun activities and natural beauty. Swim in sink holes called ‘cenotes’ that are scattered across the area and find some of the whitest sand beaches with the bluest waters I have ever seen. My favourite five beaches in Mexico are all on this peninsula. Plus it’s filled with party hot spots and backpackers.

  8. Californian coast


    Imagine spending summer with a group of friends, hiring a camper van or a convertible and winding through Highway One from San Diego all the way to Seattle. Camping, stopping at all the cute towns you pass and finding cool surf spots from the road. A Californian road trip has been noted as one of the most beautiful drives in the world and with big cities like Los Angeles and San Fransisco to break it up, its a recipe for a perfect vacation.

  9. India


    The culture, food and scenery are unlike that of any other country on earth. Colour surrounds every corner of this country, which is only heightened by their famous Holi festival, a Hindi religious festival where people chase each other with colourful powder and water in celebration of love and colours.

  10. Croatia

    If sailing Croatia isn’t on your travel bucket list then I would be shocked. The Adriatic waters are some of the clearest in the world and the stunning medieval walled towns dotted along the coast take you to another world. Plus, channel your inner pirate in Makarska where you can party in a literal rave cave.

  11. Australia

    Australia is great for all types of travelers, but backpackers and campers can get the most out of a trip down under. Due to the enormity of the country, spending a few months here is a must to cover even a pinch of it. From the Great Barrier Reef to Uluru and the Kimberleys, there is so much diversity and with beautiful weather, pumping nightlife, stunning scenery and friendly people, why wait any longer? It’s also a great place to do a working holiday, which gets harder once you hit 30.

  12. Havana, Cuba

    Ever wanted to know what the 60’s were like? Travel to Havana and you’ll find out. The whole city will have you thinking you’re in a weird new re-make of Back to the Future. With credit cards barely used, ATM’s a rare sight and essentials like sunscreen or toilet paper lacking, it’s an experience like none other. There is also no such thing as free internet access and one company controls most wifi in the country. The wifi hotspots tend to be in parks, random huh?

  13. Amsterdam, Netherlands

    It just had to make the list. The land of 21st century progression where you can do pretty much everything most countries consider illegal. Go for the unique red light district or infamous ‘coffee shops’ but you’ll stay for the stunning canals and relaxed but fun atmosphere.

  14. Southern Africa

    African safaris to see the big 5 await in South Africa, volunteer with local communities or animals in Zimbabwe, visit the Kalahari desert in Botswana and see Sossusvlei (pictured) and the worlds second deepest canyon in Namibia. There is a lot of adventure to be found here.

  15. Costa Rica

    Another great place to volunteer and help to save our planet. Surrounded by gorgeous rainforests and mesmerising beaches whilst helping endangered species. Sign me up!

  16. Budapest, Hungary

    It’s removed enough from Western Europe to be much cheaper and have its own unique rustic charm but close enough that its still familiar and easy to get to. The ruin bars are insane and hostels such as Grandio and Retox put partying at any other hostel across the globe to shame. One word: Jagertrains.

  17. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    Carnival is an absolutely incredible experience that you have to witness whilst your willing and able to party non stop for 5-6 days straight. The streets are constantly filled with party-goers but many businesses close as all Brazilians take the week off. If that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, Rio is incredible to visit any time of year.

  18. Israel

    Israel is a great place to get cultured, which is also so important in your 20s to give you some alternative perspectives on life. Jerusalem will give you that culture fix, then party it up in Tel Aviv and detox afterwards by floating in the Dead Sea.

  19. Japan

    Japan is another place to learn about a unique and ever-evolving culture. Going to Tokyo is like stepping into the future, with some very high-tech tourism opportunities such as the Robot Restaurant and you’ll definitely feel the mass population overlooking the Shibuya crossing.

  20. Greek Islands

    In summer the islands are a perfect haven for young people to run a muck. From watching the most incredible sunset in Santorini to the beach clubs of Mykonos to adventures with other backpackers in Ios, there is nothing to lose but your dignity.

What do you think? Anywhere else you would add to the list? Leave your comments below . x

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