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Why you cant miss a trip to Fremantle

I had never been to Perth before this week. The only major city sitting on the Western coast of Australia and the capital of the state of Western Australia. I was eager to check out Perth before we embarked on our MSC Orchestra cruise, but with my family not being able to get any more time of work, we landed in Perth on the day of departure with no time to explore. We did, however, have a bit of time to check out Fremantle and it was an absolute delight.

The history

Fremantle (Freo) has been a major port for the west coast for hundreds of years and it was also the last stop for many ships in World War I before they left for Albany, their final Australian port.

The Architecture

Being such an old town, the architecture is stunning. The streets are filled with beautiful old churches, buildings and houses with an elegant touch of modern thrown in the mix.

The young-vibe

A few locals said that it’s the place the ‘young people’ like to hang out and grab a drink or a coffee. We were there on a Thursday night and grabbed a beer at the National Hotel in the afternoon and it was already busy with a young crowd, setting up for a big night.

The cool cafes and bars

Being the reason all of the young people come here. If you’re an Aussie, then this will be reason enough. We sure love our coffee in quirky cafes and beer at every corner.

The art

Mixed among the olden architecture, there were touches of art scattered around the city. It gives the town a fresh, modern twist. Super cool!

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